Down And Out In Padstow And London (English Edition)

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Gratuit Pour Lire Down And Out In Padstow And London (English Edition) Ebook En Ligne - A humorous account of what really happens behind the scenes of both Michelin-starred restaurants and lesser establishments - and the extraordinary, larger-than-life characters who inhabit them. The book begins with Lennie Nashs decision to give up his job as a journalist, aged 40, and a fateful meeting with Rick Stein, when the cheffing door is opened. There follow stints in the kitchens at Padstow, a failed audition for Masterchef, work as a commis chef under a crazed ex-football hooligan, 16-hour shifts as a kitchen slave in a gastropub, and the rigours of the Fat Duck. Unable to keep up with the younger chefs around him, he gives up the dream and returns to office life, only to find the itch starting again. The book is aimed at the umpteen armchair chefs and foodies who would love to learn the trade first-hand from the professionals, braving the stress, 16-hour days, and low pay of kitchen life, but are far too sensible to do so...Reviews:"Reading Down and Out in Padstow and London is a serious test for any food writer. Not only has Alex Watts done what all of us say we would like to do, tested his mettle in a professional kitchen, he also writes about his experiences so well that you spend as much time being jealous of his writing skills as you do of his experiences. Its an annoyingly enjoyable read."- Simon Majumdar, author of two food/travel memoirs, Eat My Globe and Eating For Britain."Cracking read...Its great - seek it out. Raw, honest, funny, great stories..." @eatlikeagirl"A must read for anyone interested in food/cooking/restaurants." @jteramsden"Funny, engaging, interesting, lively." @oliverthring"Great book - a one-sitting read! Love the Chelsea-Barca scene! " @MarkLewis32"A rattling good read." @chrispople"Sensational account of a chef’s life, couldnt put it down. Get it from Amazon now!" @Fishermansarms"Really enjoyed it. Such refreshing food writing. Looking forward to your sequel..." @Jen_foodmag"You will not be able to put it down - great read." @MTomkinsonChef"Great, great stuff." @VictoriaHaschka"A must read for wannabe chefs!" @londoneating"The whole book is a real eye-opener into the differences between the TV image and the reality of the kitchen, particularly where celebrity chefs are concerned. Its sharp, easy to read and almost impossible to put down..."- Nicola Hine, The Maidenhead Advertiser

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Titre original:Down And Out In Padstow And London (English Edition)
Auteur:Alex Watts
Format Type:Ebook Kindle
Nombre de pages:240 pages